In Başarı Elektronik’s modern R&D Department, system design, electronic design, software design and configurations of new products are achieved and documented by skilled engineers and technicians of R&D Group using the latest technology.

Assuming responsibility in such a pretentious field as developing high technology products in today’s highly competitive environment and getting them ready for the production, R&D aims to complete the projects on time according to the quality standards and targeted cost.
For this purpose, it is our main goal to reflect the past experience of Başarı Elektronik in the design of new products and prototype production activities while applying modern, effective project management methods in order to consistently improve the design quality.

An open-minded management policy, encouraging on-the-job improvement in productive and effective working conditions and a modern development environment working to ISO-9001 world standards, are the foundations of Başarı Elektronik. For this aim, computer aided design and superior numerical and analog test equipment are used considerably in R&D department.

The industrial & mechanical design, mock-up and mechanical prototyping according to pre-defined standards and quality requirements, documentation for rapid production of the goods are carried out through the use of sophisticated up-to-date design and manufacturing tools for all the products developed within Başarı Elektronik.

For all the design activities to proceed at a high level and keeping the design time at a minimum, all the actions related to design, documentation and prototyping are based upon computer technology. Design & Documentation tasks are accomplished through powerful & popular Computer Aided Design & Documentation softwares.