The quality policy of Başarı Elektronik is to provide customer satisfaction. The products and services offered should fully meet the customer’s needs and expectations, comply with the relevant standards and requirements specified in regulations, and be offered at cost-effective and competitive prices. Consistency and continuity are essential for products and services provided.

The management of Başarı Elektronik will support all systematic efforts to improve quality at every level of the organisation and to reduce the cost of quality. All employees are responsible for complying with the provisions of Başarı Elektronik’s Policy Instructions (BEPI).

The Quality Assurance Department of Başarı Elektronik runs its activities to ensure the internal and external coordination required for quality system certifications, to make product reliability analyses, planned control and examination at every phase (from entry of raw material to the delivery of product), and the maintenance, repair and calibration of inspection/test devices used to verify the product quality.

Başarı Elektronik Quality System is compliant with ISO 9001 (Certified by NQA as of 26 February 1998, Registration Number 9412) and AQAP-110 requirements (Certified by Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defence as of 30 December 1998.)

It is also possible to make measurements with 0.001 mm. accuracy by precision equipment of the latest technology, including the computer-aided profile projection equipment in the Mechanical Measurement Laboratory of this Department.

Başarı Elektronik is also a member of IPC (The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits) since November 1996.